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Children's Ministry (PreK - 5th grade) provides a safe and loving environment for children to worship and learn the truth of God's word in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them. Children meet in their own area during the service


Hope Nation is the spiritual foundation for youth ages 12-18 to grow in their spiritual journey with Christ. Through this ministry, youth will be equipped with the necessary tools to enter adulthood as disciples for Jesus Christ.

The youth are taught to realize their full potential in Christ and to make positive contributions to the Kingdom of God. 

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Couples Ministry is designed to strengthen covenant relationships so that engaged and married couples are growing together in love and are finding fulfillment in their service to the Lord and each other. Fellowship, study and discussions are held at 7pm on the 3rd Friday of every month.


The Bethel Worship Team is a group of singers and musicians that leads our congregation into the presence of God. Through God centered worship they prepare an atmosphere for the glory of God to be manifested in our services.


Serves as the "first impression" of our ministry. A group that is dedicated to making every member and visitor feel welcome and comfortable in our worship services.


The Deacon Board assists the Pastor by providing additional Care and Concern to the members of BFWC in order to ensure that no one is overlooked or alone as we walk together. Acts 6: 1-7


Pastor’s Aide Committee exists to give vital support and encouragement to the Pastor and His Family.


The Real Men Ministry exists to provide support and leadership to the men at BFWC. Therefore, we provide mentorship, discipleship and guidance that equips our group to be the men that God is looking for. 
"I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land" Ezekiel 22:30 


To encourage women to form a relationship with God and each other; equipping through discipleship; empowering to serve and share the gospel

  • Encourage filling of the Holy Spirit for power, praising God and witnessing.

  • Receive church-wide prayer requests and intercede.

  • Partner with the diaconate to facilitate prayer meetings and needs

  • Nurture a team of disciples who believe they have been called as intercessors to provide guidance for a prayer-driven church focused on witnessing, worshipping and working. 


Serves at the "Hope Out" arm of BFWC. This ministry plans and assists other ministries with the outreach and evangelistic efforts of the church.

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